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What to expect in your first visit

Every treatment plan starts with a thorough examination. Your first visit will include a history, physical examination, and, if time permits, a treatment.

During the history, your chiropractor will discuss details regarding your physical complaint, such as where it is located and when did it start. These questions will be sent to you when you book your appointment, and you can fill out as much detail as possible on your own time. Details about your personal medical history will also be discussed, as this information helps the chiropractor have a clear picture and will help with the best treatment plan decisions.

In the physical examination, movements and function will be explored to see what your limitations are. Please wear something loose fitting and comfortable for your first visit. The chiropractor will see what areas are re-creating your pain, and will perform special moves called orthopedic tests to help come up with the best diagnosis possible. If needed, the chiropractor may refer you to your family doctor if imaging is appropriate.

During your first visit, an initial treatment may be completed. Before any treatment starts, the chiropractor will go through an informed consent procedure, and will make sure that you, the patient, have the best understanding of your condition and treatment plan as possible.

Check out the FAQ for commonly asked questions.

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