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What are you doing to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the clinic?

There is a Covid-19 protocol for in-house use, and this can be viewed at the clinic or emailed to you if requested. There is ample time between patients to ensure cleaning of surfaces. Medical masks are worn within the clinic as mandated by the Ministry of Health. There is an extensive sick policy for both patients and staff to protect everyone from potential spread of illness.

Why am I being asked questions about my health history?

Every patient is unique in their medical history, and it is best if the chiropractor knows and understands your complete medical history so that she can recognize the best treatment plan for you. By completing the initial intake at home, this allows more opportunity for the chiropractor to work with you for treatment, rather than spending extra time discussing health details that are provided on the intake form.

Can you bill my benefits?

We are working on it! Right now, a good portion of the major insurance companies are able to be direct billed, and there will be more added in the future. We are currently set up in approximately two-thirds of the providers and are diligently working on the rest. You can always reach out to see if your benefits may be accepted. In the case that it is not set up for direct billing, you can get a receipt to submit to your insurance provider yourself.

Can you direct bill ICBC?

Right now, unfortunately not. We are awaiting a response from ICBC for direct billing, and once that is provided, then we can directly bill to ICBC. Until that time, you will be provided a receipt which you can submit to ICBC for reimbursement. (Check with your claims advisor to see if your are eligible for treatment.)

How much does an appointment cost, and what payment methods do you accept?

At this time, no cash is being accepted. Payments can be made through debit or credit only using Square (in-person) or Stripe (online). If your insurance provider is able to be direct billed, the amount that they will pay will be determined at the time of your appointment. Pricing for ALL appointments is available through the online booking portal here.

How much will my benefits cover?

Every benefits plan is different so it is difficult for us to know what type of coverage you have. We recommend that you call your benefits provider to see what type of coverage you have, if there is a deductible, and what the financial limit is. Benefits are run at the time of your appointment. We will only run your primary benefit provider; if you have a second provider (ie from a spouse), you will be given a receipt and you can submit the receipt for reimbursement.




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